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The Jugheads – 2014

Seven Stories Press 


Drugs – 2012

Released in paperback and on Kindle by Seven Stories Pressin Manhattan. Cover painting by Robert Crumb.

Read and listen to what people are saying about Drugs:


Other Books by J.R. Helton

Below The Line, a memoir on the film business, Last Gasp Books, 2000. Cover by R. Crumb and an Introduction by director Terry Zwigoff.

Man and Beast, a memoir on animal rescue, 2001. Read a review of Man and Beast in Texas Books In Review.


Foreign Publications

  • Au Texas, tu serais déjà mort Selected works of J.R. Helton, 13th Note Editions, 2011 (French translation by Nicolas Richard).
  • Voyage au bout de la Blanche (French translation of the novel “Drugs,” 13th Note Editions, 2012 release).
  • Pat et Corky excerpt from the novel Drugs. Collectif, Le livre des fêlures, 13th Note Editions, 2010.


Short Stories

  • “John Lennon is Dead and It Really Bothers Me”, July 2006, The Sun.
  • “The Apology” a short story, May 2007, The Sun.
  • “About Three Years Ago,”a short story, The Missouri Review, 1983. Pushcart Prize
  • “Pat and Corky” Mineshaft Magazine, February 2008.
  • “Halloween” short story/excerpt from the novel, Finding the Cure for Cancer published in the British magazine, Savage Kick #5.
  • “Finding the Cure for Cancer” published in the Canadian literary magazine, The Loose Canon Issue #1(excerpt from the novel).